Meet The Founders

Sean MatsonIs the Co-Founder & CEO of CardoMax, and 3 other companies. He spent 13 years (2005 - 2018) as a Navy SEAL Officer, with multiple deployments in strategic locations. Mission focused on building an empire of disruptive technologies to the market while empowering others along their journey. He has been instrumental in the success of these companies by leveraging the leadership skills from his time on active duty. Lastly, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Samantha and four children, Shelby, Tyler, Maverick and Emery.

Zach SteinbockIs the Co-Founder & President of CardoMax, and 3 other companies. He spent 14 years on active duty and active reserves with the SEAL Teams completing multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Zach spent 3 years attending Jefferson Medical School, before MATBOCK (his first successful startup) required him to step-in full time. He enjoys working out, solving complex problems and spending time with his two children, Isabel and McClain. 

Who We Are:

With over a decade of experience in business together creating high-quality products, we turned our attention to bringing research-backed supplements to the market. CardoMax was designed to enhance concentration and neuroprotection in the most efficient, convenient way. Our diverse and wide range of liquid supplements provide scientifically proven nutrients to support the optimization of a strong mind and body, enabling you to ACHIEVE YOUR MAX.